Copies and summaries of the Forest Management internal control documents including the Center's Operations Manual and other documents used to maintain certification are available to the public to facilitate forest management certification. It is highly recommended that woodland owners consult with their Cooperating Forester on the completion of any Center form since they are trained by the Center in its correct usage. Documents are always under review and any comments or suggestions about any forms or documents please contact the Center.

Center for Forest and Wood Certification Operations Manual

Forest Management Section Policies and Procedures

Logo leafCertification Documents


Forest Management Application

Must be submitted along with appropriate fees to begin the process of certificationDOCPDF
Scoping Checklist Revised
Used by Forest Section Administrator to review main hurdles of certification to perspective Group membersDOCPDF
FM Agreement Form 
Binding agreement for potential Group Members to work with the Center, lays out fees and responsibilities of the Center and Group Member to maintain certificationDOCPDF
Family Forest Standards Monitoring Checklist
Assessment form used by Center personnel to document how family forest woodland owners are meeting the specific standardsDOCPDF
Standards Monitoring Checklist CFWC-FM-04LPAssessment form used by Center personnel to document how industrial, large, and public woodland owners are meeting the specific standardsDOCPDF
Observations Form
Any improvement, critical, or general observations for the Standards Monitoring Checklists as well as actions to correct them are summarizedDOCPDF
Annual Reporting Form
Group Members are required to submit this form along with their annual payment to remain in the groupDOCPDF
Timber Pre-Harvest Checklist Form
Harvests are expected to adhere to standards. This form provides a checklist which should be completed prior to the harvest to ensure that all certification requirements will be met. DOCPDF
Timber Volume Report Form
All harvest volumes must be reported. This form can be used for this purpose and submitted to the FM Group Administrator.DOCPDF
Harvest Site Visitation and Evaluation Revised Form
Cooperating Foresters may use this form to monitor Best Management Practice compliance and implementationDOCPDF
Usage Form
Any usage of chemicals must be documented and this form meets the Center's minimum reporting requirementsDOCPDF
Activity Monitoring Form CFWC-FM-10Used to monitoring silvicultural prescriptions, herbicide treatments, or any other forest practice must be documented for its successDOCPDF
Removal from Group Form
Submitted to Center personnel to indicate voluntary or expulsion from the groupDOCPDF
Cooperating Forester Application
All potential Cooperating Foresters must submit this form to initiate the training processDOCPDF
Controlled Wood SLIMF Checklist
Harvests are required to meet FSC Controlled Wood Standards. Use this form to ensure they are verified for each harvest.DOCPDF
Silvicultural Planning Form
Progressive System form to document the general objectives and silvicultural prescriptionDOCPDF
Harvest & Cutting Guidelines
Progressive System form to provide to Certified Master Loggers to detail the silvicultural prescription from the Planning FormDOCPDF

Management Plan Template


Management plan template to meet family forest FSC criteriaDOCPDF

Logo leafGuidance Documents

Family Forest Standards GuidanceDOCPDF
Large, Industrial, and Public Standards GuidanceDOCPDF
Family Forest High Conservation Value Forests GuidanceDOCPDF
Large, Industrial, and Public High Conservation Value Forests GuidanceDOCPDF

Logo leafCooperating Forester ATFS Documents

The following documents are provided to assist Cooperating Foresters with ATFS certification. Documents are for Cooperating Forester training and are not to be distributed.

ATFS Inspector TrainingInspector training slide deck  PDF
ATFS Inspector QuizQuiz used in ATFS Inspector Training in Kentucky   PDF
Inspector ManualCurrent ATFS inspector manual PDF
ATFS Standard GuidanceATFS Standards and Guidance 2015-2020  PDF