The Center has an array of programs to assist a wide range of forest industries with certification including:

  • technical assistance for industries wishing to establish their own Sustainable Forestry Initiative® and/or Forest Stewardship Council® Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certificates
  • group SFI® and FSC® CoC certificates for small forest industries
  • group FSC certification and forester assistance for industry owner forest lands
  • assistance in developing a network of accessible certified timber supplies

Large Forest Industry

Becoming a Forest Industry Participant in the Center provides you with assistance in developing SFI and FSC Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certificates based on your market needs. All industries, regardless of size, are provided with technical support for CoC certification. The Center is also focused on developing certified forest acreage to meet certified wood needs. Participating industries that have or are required to maintain their own CoC certificate may also benefit from the Center through the Center's program to manage large industry certificates. Large industries including mills and secondary manufacturers will pay the initial and annual cost of holding their own certificate. However, as a participating member of the Center you can benefit from the technical assistance provided by the Center for the development of your CoC inventory management plan and from the Center's coordination of your annual audit that potentially will lower your annual audit cost.

In some instances you may wish to offset the annual fee for loggers that you work with to become Certified Master Loggers and hold their own CoC certificates as well as provided assistance to these loggers to aid in their initial certification. Several forest industries have successfully helped loggers to become certified and are reaping the benefits of their certification.

FSC and SFI assistance is currently available.  Please contact the Center for information.

Do you own forestland?  The Center can help get your woodlands certified and help you develop a sustainable supply of certified timber and pulpwood from your lands. Please visit the Forest Management section of the website or contact the Center for more information.

Small Forest Industry

If you are an industry with less than $5 million in annual sales you are eligible to join the Center's CoC group certificate. This makes certification costs significantly less than is required if you hold your own CoC certificate. While there is a nominal fee for his service it is developed to ensure that you still have significant costs savings associated with your certification. The Center will help develop sources of certified wood for you to procure as well as certified loggers that can reduce the requirements of tracking certified wood from the forest to your operation. Please visit here to learn more about the Center's chain-of-custody certificates.

Certified Timber Network

As a participant member of the Center, you will be in a network with certified forest owners, Cooperating Foresters, and Certified Master Loggers to help you procure certified timber and pulpwood. The use of the Center's Cooperating Foresters allows you to find sources of certified timber based on real-timber market needs and the use of Certified Loggers reduces the need for CoC procedures that track logs and pulpwood to the forest or origin. The Center is designed to assist and link participating landowners with primary forest industries wishing to procure certified timber and pulpwood (and other forest materials). Over time the Center will establish a network of certified timber owners and connect them to certified loggers capable of logging certified lands and certified buyers within their procurement zone.