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The Center for Forest and Wood Certification is committed and designed to foster practices that contribute to sustainable forest management. The Center builds regional forest and wood certification capacity through the delivery of unbiased information; technical assistance; and the development of programs for landowners, loggers, and forest products industries to participate in certification in a sustainable and affordable manner.

Logo leafSolutions & Technical Assistance

The Center focuses on providing solutions to certification bottlenecks, enabling the private sector to effectively participate and benefit from certification. The Center's programs include education and training; technical assistance for forest industries; group certification for forest owners, loggers, and industry; certification management; and sustainability solutions for firms using wood.

Logo leafCertification Incubator

Those participating with the Center are assisting in building their expertise and technical prowess so they can make informed decisions about their involvement with certification assisting interested participants to develop their own certification programs. The Center is also focused on determining and documenting obstacles to certification, developing tools that work to enable certification, and designs market solutions to help those interested in participating in forest and wood certification.